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Sixty Symbols

Found In: science, 9-12

Sixty Symbols comprises hundreds of short videos by experts from The University of Nottingham about the substance underlying the symbols of physics, astronomy, and more. Videos are roughly 5-10 minutes long. They can be accessed individually or under headings: more symbols, planets, LHC, scientists, project, chemistry, test tube, numberphile, deep sky, and backstage science. In addition to the website, the videos are available on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Representative Videos

In Touch Screens & Quantum Tunneling Professor Moriarty (yes, his real name) discusses quantum mechanics before explaining how quantum tunneling makes composites possible and how they will be used in touch screens.

In another video, Vuvuzela he compares the frequency spectrums of the human voice and the infamous noisemaker, and then demonstrates how broadcast companies use notch filtering to remove the background drone of vuvuzelas in sports matches so that commentators can be heard.

In Hearts in Space astronomer Amanda Bauer discusses the human ability to find patterns in nature and shows images taken by the Mars Global Surveyor of heart-shaped features on the surface of Mars while astronomer Meghan Gray points out heart-shaped galaxies.

In Pi Professor Laurence Eaves discusses Pi and its importance as a concept and how often he uses Pi in physics before introducing multiple ways mathematicians have devised to express Pi.

Chaos and Butterfly Effect demonstrates how tiny changes in initial conditions in the atmosphere or a game of snooker or in pendulums, for example, will produce large changes in the system.

If your school blocks YouTube videos, Sixty Symbols provides advice for unblocking its educational resources.



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