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Idea Channel: Super Mario

Idea Channel: Super Mario as Surrealist Art?

PBS Arts promotes arts appreciation and education and gives students an opportunity to share their own work with the Internet community.

Under Exhibitions teachers and students in grades 6-12 will find brief videos (most 5-10 minutes long) about art and artists. Off Book is a web series about digital art and artists in video games, animation and motion graphics, web design, steampunk culture, Lego art, infrographics, and more. Off book has 36 episodes online. Idea Channel examines how technology and art influence each other. The exhibition takes a look at Dubstep, Dr. Who, Super Mario, Sherlock Holmes, Justin Bieber, Hipsters, and more. The exhibit has 21 episodes. Sound Tracks Presents Quick Hits is a web series of interviews with and performances by musicians like pianist Yuja Wang, drummer Levon Helm, and composer Anoushka Shankar.

Users can browse by genres: dance, theater, visual art, film, music, and writing. Among the interviews and brief examples are full length videos:

Full performances of:

as well as interviews with actors are under Theater. Art and artists in many mediums are represented under visual art, film, music, and writing. Following some the examples to their sources will provide even more videos.

Teachers and students can also contribute images via Flickr and video via YouTube.



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