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Cool Science

Found In: science, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s website Cool Science provides resources for teachers and activities for students.

For Curious Kids is a grades K-4 resource with two online and three offline activities. Students examine the parts of plants they eat and classify animals by comparing attributes. They perform an experiment to discover what they breathe in, examine closely a small part of the world around them, and build a model to show a monarch butterfly appearing from its chrysalis.

Biointeractive is best for grades 5-12 and older. Some activities could be adapted for younger students. Teachers will find videos, animations, lectures, interactives, virtual labs, and classroom materials: activities, teacher guides, and posters. Eighteen activities cover concepts like life cycles, gene switching, and carbon footprints. Seven teacher guides for biology and biotechnology are available in PDF format. Eight large, full-color posters can be downloaded and printed. Featured are short films (approximately 10-30 minutes) on evolution and the disappearance of the dinosaurs, a virtual stickleback evolution lab, and lectures on the changing planet.

For Educators lets teachers search for resources by type, topic, grade level, or keyword. A sidebar facilitates browsing by type and topic. Teachers can subscribe for an Educators RSS feed.

Ask a Scientist lets students ask questions about medicine, human biology, animals, biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, or evolution, get homework help, find ideas for science fair projects, and more.

Becoming a Scientist is a collection of 19 short videos about scientists and what it takes to become a scientist.



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