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RACE - Are We So Different?

Found In: health & p.e., science, social studies, 6-8, 9-12

RACE - Are We So Different? is a project of the American Anthropological Association (AAA). The position of the AAA is that “…physical variations in the human species have no meaning except the social ones that humans put on them.” As one module explains: “There are no qualitative genetic differences between perceived races.” Using the website, students in middle school and high school can examine concepts of race from perspectives of history, human variation, and personal experience.

History features a timeline of Race in the USA. The color-coded timeline links to articles in government, science, and society. A short video (8:25 min) describes how ideas in science, government, and culture shaped the concept of race.

Human Variation features five interactive modules on concepts of race and a concluding quiz.

Lived Experience has five modules that address everyday life experience, sports facts and stereotypes, beauty, color, global census and a race blog to express views.

For Kids is an abbreviated version of the website for middle school with four learning modules, sports quiz, and timeline movie.

For Researchers provides a number of ways to access background papers in PDF format, a glossary, and an extensive bibliography in PDF format.

Resources for Teachers includes teaching guides for middle school and high school, bibliography, glossary, and links to related websites.

The virtual exhibit tours. It can be explored at the Rochester Museum and Science Center in Rochester, NY and Museum of Science and History in Jacksonville, FL through April 28th. The Tour Schedule lists the tour itinerary through 2015.



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