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Found In: all subjects, preK-2, 3-5

East Carolina University’s Activity Promotion Laboratory (APL) developed Energizers, classroom activities designed to integrate physical activity and academics. Energizers are easy to use, improve on-task behavior, and increase physical activity during the day. The APL developers suggest using the activities two to three times a day for the most benefit. Most activities are easily adapted for special needs students, weather conditions, and subject area. Each activity lists necessary equipment.

Energizers for Grades K-2 ( PDF, 574 KB, 30 pgs.) has 22 activities. Over, Under, Around and Through incorporates language arts, patterns, and physical activity when a teacher leads students, for example, over a sea of sticky peanut butter, under a cherry tree, around an ice cream cone, and through a sea of Jell-O while walking around the perimeter of a room.

Energizers for Grades 3-5 ( PDF, 595 KB, 34 pgs.) has 26 activities. Silent Signs requires a political map. One student tries to determine which state or country is sought as the rest of the class indicates cardinal directions with knee lifts, jumping jacks, raise the roof, and squats.

Middle School Energizers comprises six PDFs with activities to integrate science, music, math, language arts, healthful living, and social studies. I Like to Move It Move It ( PDF, 1.2 MB, 28 pgs.) gets students in general music classes moving and clapping rhythmic notation.

After-School Energizers ( PDF, 2.4 MB, 156 pgs.) offers even more energetic activities – 56 to be exact. In Start Your Engines (see pg. 125) students pretend to be cars as they walk, skip, or gallop paying attention to traffic lights, avoiding each other and making way for fire engines.



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