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Teaching Math, K-2 Professional Development

Found In: mathematics, preK-2

Teaching Math, Grades K-2 is an online professional development course for elementary teachers comprising 6 three-and-a-half hour sessions that present the five National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Process Standards and promote ways to integrate those standards with content goals. Colorado State University offers graduate credit for completing the course. Interested teachers should see the Graduate Credit page. The online course includes text, illustrations, animations, video clips, and interactive activities. Participants reflect on what they learn through questions and journal writing. Instruction sessions cover process standards, communication, problem solving, reasoning and proof, mathematical representation, and cross-curricular connections.

To provide a glimpse, the session Problem Solving covers student problem solving as well as exploring, defining, applying, and evaluating problem solving. The session shows how to help students apply mathematical concepts in different problem-solving settings, use different strategies, and reflect on their methods. One part, Applying Problem Solving, opens with a section called Measuring Ant Tunnels in which three students use non-standard measuring tools. Their strategies are illustrated with a Flash activity. The students conclude by comparing their measurement results with standard units. Another section of Applying Problem Solving, features a brief video (2:40) that shows a teacher preparing students for the exercise by asking what they might use to determine the length of the tunnels.

Additional Courses

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