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DiscoverE Engineering Resources

Found In: math, science, social studies, 3-5, 6-8

students building with blocksDiscoverE, from the American Society for Civil Engineers, provides resources and information for those considering engineering as a career.  It also has activities and lessons designed to introduce students to the concepts behind engineering. Learn how to support girls who want to enter the field. Teach students how engineering fits into all aspects of their lives using a wide variety of resources.

The Cool Content and Activities section lets students in grades k-12 take a virtual trip through the 50 states to visit engineering projects. Using the search filters on the right, students can search by state, topic, activity type, engineering discipline, grade or time of visit. The resource could support social studies or STEM classes.

Clicking Illinois, for example, provides a list of six sights. One of the sights is Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab). Fermilab’s page has a photo of the exterior of the building, a fun fact, a description of the scientific work done there, an acknowledgement of who designed and built Fermilab, a link to a map of its location in Batavia, Illinois and to the official Fermilab website, and a link to a printable version.


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