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Teachers TryScience

Found In: math, science, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Teachers TryScience provides grade 5-12 STEM lessons, teaching strategies and resources, and collaboration tools for teachers to share ideas. Registered teachers can share lessons, strategies, and tutorials.

Lesson Plans can be searched by keyword or browsed by topic, target grade, time required, and language. State Standards are listed for each lesson. In Build Your Own Robot Arm, students in grades 5-12 work in small teams to build a working robot arm with supplied materials. A student handout and PowerPoint presentation are included. Teachers can register to contribute resources to this or any other lesson. In From Cradle to Grave: Product Lifecycles, 7th graders investigate the life cycle of an engineered product and then suggest ways to reduce its environmental impact. Resources include videos, worksheet, and rubric.

Strategies and Tutorials are linked to the lessons on the site. One strategy, Talking Science: Learning Vocabulary is an audio podcast (7:51) suggests two ways to help students learn and use science vocabulary. SMART Board Tutorial Part 1 shows how to connect a computer to a SMART Board and troubleshoot common start up problems. SMART Board Tutorial Part 2 shows how to create an engaging presentation.

Community allows teachers to discuss and share instructional STEM practices. Teachers can join established communities or start their own public or private communities.

Kids Try Science is a source of experiments for students in math, medicine & health, sciences, and social sciences. Under the math category, for example, Breathing Yeasties use yeast, sugar and water and their measurement skills to examine the interaction of microorganisms and the carbon cycle.


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