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DNA From The Beginning

Found In: science, 9-12

DNA From The Beginning is an animated primer of 75 experiments that are the foundation of modern genetics. The website is suitable for advanced high school biology students. Each concept is explained with animations, image galleries, video interviews, problems, biographies, and links to other resources. Problem sections ask questions and provide feedback to student answers. Brief videos of experts take up critical aspects of each concept. Links to related websites are supplied, as is a bibliography of print resources.

The site is divided into three main sections:

A Glossary includes audio files for pronunciation and links to instances of use in the website.

A link to Weed To Wonder describes how a common weedy grass in Mexico was transformed into maize. This website includes text, video, and two hands-on experiments. Mendelian Inheritance features a number of online activities that can be used by middle school students. Teachers can request supporting Teacher Resources via email. Detecting A Transposon In Corn is a lab activity more suited for high school students. Materials are available as PDF.


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