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Sumanas Animation Gallery

Found In: science, 6-8, 9-12

An environmental science tutorial describes how solar cells can be used to generate electricity.

Animation Gallery offers animated tutorials in general biology, microbiology, biopsychology & neuroscience, astronomy, molecular biology, general biotechnology, environmental science, and chemistry. These tutorials are best for grades 6-12, though some could be used with younger students.

Under General Biology, two tutorials distinguish two types of cell division, Mitosis, which is the process by which cells replicate and Meiosis, which is the cell division necessary for sexual reproduction. Each tutorial can be viewed in a narrated form or step-by-step slide show with text. Each tutorial includes a brief quiz.

Under Environmental Science, a tutorial on How a Solar Cell Works describes how a crystal formed with silicon, phosphorus, and boron under sunlight can create an electrical current. The tutorial can be stopped and rewound or the slider dragged to specific points in the narration. Another tutorial illustrates The Greenhouse Effect. This tutorial is not narrated.

Science in Focus provides animations that explain science topics in the headlines. The Rise in Antibiotic Resistance explains how penicillin resistant bacteria began to appear only three years after it was mass-produced. This tutorial can be viewed step-by-step in slideshow format or in or narrated story form; links to related resources are also provided.


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