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Physics Central

Found In: science, 6-8, 9-12

Physics Central shares the latest research and links to more information on the web with grade 6-12 teachers and students.

Discover is a section at the top of the homepage that provides links to sections on chaos, compression waves & sound, electricity & magnetism, forces & motion, light & optics, material science, quantum mechanics, space & the universe, and thermodynamics & heat. Each of the nine sections features articles, pictures, podcasts, and vodcasts.

Physics in Action presents information on the topics areas listed above. Whirling Skirts Reveal Steady Patterns explores the relationship between the skirts of Whirling Dervishes and Earths atmosphere.

Physics in Pictures examines science with photos and infographics like Mars vs. Earth Infographic,  a NASA-created poster that compares physical aspects of the two planets.

Physics+ takes a look at interdisciplinary research combining engineering, biology, computer science, sociology, and philosophy. Detecting Schizophrenia with Magnetic Fields examines how scientists are developing a way to detect schizophrenia based on nuances in schizophrenic patients electrical brain activity.

Physics@Home reveals physics in everyday life and tells students how to make their own ice cream, lava lamp, compass, and more.

Activity Books are a series of comic books for grades 6-9 to accompany physics experiments around different physics themes.

Ask-a-Physicist maintains an archive of questions and answers by topic and provides an email form for new questions about how things work.

Physics Buzz is a blog and archive. Many of the posts feature videos. How Long Does it Take to Print the World's First 3D-Printed Kayak?  shows how Jim Smith printed and assembled in 42 days 28 pieces of ABS plastic into a 17-foot, 65-pound kayak.


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