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Educator Resource Finder (Art Institute Chicago)

Found In: arts, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Educator Resource Finder (Art Institute Chicago) provides artwork resource packets, teacher manuals, and thematic websites for K-12 teachers and students. The FAQs in About Educator Resource Finder answer questions about navigating the website and include links to other useful aspects, especially the Interpretive Resources Advanced Search.

Artwork Resource Packets feature examples of an artists work. The PDFs include images, text, glossary, classroom activities and discussion questions, and bibliography. One example packet from the 38 currently available is A Boy in Front of the Loews 125th Street Movie Theater, from the series Harlem, U.S.A. ( PDF, 3.6 MB, 12 pgs.). The packet examines the work of photographer Dawoud Bey and includes the title image and two others in the Harlem, USA series.

The site offers 31 Teacher Manuals. ABCs of Art: A Guide for Early Childhood Education ( PDF, 4.1 MB, 44 pgs.) facilitates developing a visual vocabulary, gives tips for planning a visit to the museum, outlines a thematic approach to teaching art, and provides art and activity ideas.

Links to 23 Thematic Websites furnish background information on artists, periods, movements, and historical context. Curious Corner is designed for young children and includes 3 animated tales, 3 matching activities (textures, shapes, and sounds), and 3 play with art activities creating virtual boxes like Joseph Cornell's, masks, and portraits.


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