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92Y/The Paris Review: Interview Series

Found In: all subjects, 9-12

92Y/The Paris Review: Interview Series maintains an audio and video archive of interviews with and about writers, musicians, artists & entertainers, scientists, and experts in other fields. Grade 9-12 teachers and students across the curriculum can find resources by keyword search of browse by topic, date, artist or speaker. Some of the videos may be suitable for younger students.

In Arts & Entertainment, two video talks with author Neil Gaiman are available. Neil Gaiman with Lev Grossman (9:45) is a reading from American Gods and discussion of Internet culture. (Note: the dialog during the reading of American Gods may offend some.) In Neil Gaiman and Chip Kidd: 20th Anniversary of Sandman (1:25:44) the origin of the popular graphic novel series is discussed.

In Business & Finance Archives is a video with Adam Davidson and Alex Blumberg (NPR’s Planet Money) titled From the Invention of Money to Defining Middle Class (1:21:05). Davidson and Blumberg open with a demonstration of barter and go on to discuss the invention of money, gold standard, European debt crisis, middle class, and more.

In Food Talks, Michael Pollan, Joan Gussow, and Dan Barber talk briefly about the hazards of a typical Western diet and how to eat for good health in Hedonistic, Healthy and Green: Can We Have it All? (8:14). Other videos and talks discuss cooking as a career, cultural differences, and food and family.


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