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USGS Education Resources

Found in: science, social studies, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

USGS Education Resources features teaching modules, classroom activities, digital data and images in biology, geography, maps, geology, climate change, ecosystems, water, and many more areas. Lesson objectives are not keyed to standards but can be easily matched. Some listed resources must be purchased.

The resources are divided into Grades K-6 and Grades 7-12, and within those two categories, they are grouped more narrowly:

  • K-3 teachers will find a set of seven lessons in Map Adventures.  The packet includes a picture of a hot-air balloon, two activity sheets, 15 printable pages that form a poster of a park map, and a teacher information sheet. In Symbols and Legends, students learn to identify features on a map using a legend.
  • 6-8 teachers can find an interdisciplinary set titled Exploring Maps. All sections of the set: four lessons, teaching guide, and two posters are in PDF format. Exploring Maps: Navigation describes two activities with extensions on mapmaking and map usage and suggests additional follow-up activities. It lists web and print resources. The Teaching Guide includes a glossary and procedures. Poster Side 1  is a timeline of cartography with text and images of maps from 900 BC Babylonian map on a clay tablet to a 1990 Hubble image of Saturn. Poster Side 2 is a collection of excerpts from literature and history that include references to navigation and maps.


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