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Quarked! Adventures in the Subatomic Universe

Found in: science, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8

Quarked: Adventures in the Subatomic Universe  is an interactive, multimedia website that introduces grade 3-6 science students, their parents, and teachers to subatomic physics with the help of the Quarked! kids, or Quarksters.

  • Game Zone comprises thirteen games offereed in both Web and Android app. versions. Subatomic Match has three levels in which students identify the flavors of quarks, match the Quarked! kids with their quark counterparts, and identify the quark flavors and match them with their kids. A reference for identifying quarks is provided. The Quarked! Quiz features two quizzes, one on subatomic particles, and another on energy. The quizzes are based on information presented in the games. For correct answers, students earn up to five points in the subatomic quiz and two points in the energy quiz.
  • Videos feature Adventures in Nanoscale: Superconductivity, (10:02) which explains how electricity is a flow of electrons through a conductor and how flow can be sped up by cooling the conductor. A FAQs page ( PDF, 890 KB, 3 pg.) provides more detailed explanations of the concepts discussed in the video. See quarkedproject for more videos.
  • Subatomic Roadmap presents big ideas such as the periodic table, matter, atom, fundamental particles, and hadrons and links to the Glossary.
  • Parents & Teachers will find seven lessons for grades 1-8 and a link to standards.

Students will find additional fun with Meet The Quarksters, Ask Mr. Marks, and the Quarked Club, which offers wallpaper, e-cards, and a gallery of coloring pages.


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