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Science & Health Education Partnership (SEP) Lessons

Found in: science, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

SEP (Science & Health Education Partnership) Lessons is a growing collection of hands-on lessons in science and health for grades K-12. Lessons can be browsed by grade level and subject and searched by keyword and Next Generation Science Standard. An advanced search option lets teachers narrow searches by resource type. All lessons and resources are available in printable form. A User Guide that explains how to use different tools on the website is available in PDF or Word format.

An advanced search for engineering lesson plans produced fourteen lessons. In What Is The Best Brand Of Paper Towel? students in grades K-2 compare different brands of paper towels for strength and absorbency.

An advanced search for 1st grade lesson plans on mammals produced two lessons. Ocean Pollution & Its Effect On Aquatic Animals is aimed at students in grades 1-3. Students use soda bottles to make ocean environments and simulate the effects of pollution on surface and bottom-dwelling animals.

An advanced search for 6th grade lessons plans on cells produced thirteen lessons. One, Forensics Crime Lab is suitable for grades 5-7. Students observe a crime scene, collect and analyze evidence, and identify the potential culprit. Students use blood typing analysis, microscopy, and chromatography in their investigation. The lesson includes extensions and five worksheets.


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