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The USGS Water Science School

Found in: science, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8

The USGS Water Science School supplies information, pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center for students to test their understanding of water as a resource. The website is best used to support K-8 general science and earth science curriculum. Sections cover water basics, properties, cycle, surface water, groundwater, quality, and use. The site can be searched by keyword and includes a glossary.

  • In The Water-Science Activity Center students answer questions, take part in surveys, and complete true/false quizzes. In many activities, answers are entered in a database. Students can then check to see how others responded.
  • Water Questions and Answers explains why water sometimes smell like rotten eggs, describes how drinking water gets uphill, identifies which states use the most water, and answers many questions about water.
  • Water Science Photo Gallery features water photos in seven topic areas with text and links to other pages related information. Photos can be enlarged.
  • Water Use in the United States provides summaries of water use (2005), use by category, historical trends (1950-2005), data tables and maps, USGS data and resources, information on hydroelectric power and an activity center.
  • Three Interactive Water Cycle diagrams (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) use increasingly sophisticated vocabulary and illustrate more complex aspects of the cycle. Students can mouse over the diagrams to get more information. Teachers can download a PDF (1.9 MB) or JPG (1.2 MB) of the water cycle poster in 14 languages.
  • Teacher Resources for Water Science includes facts, quiz, script for The Story Of Dryville, a play for grades 3-4, surveys, questions, and more.


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