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Lessons, activities, and other resources for election season.

Found in: Social Studies, PreK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

The 2016 Election

‘I’m Going to Reassure Them That They Are Safe’: Talking to Students After the Election
For many students, the result of the 2016 election will bring fear and uncertainty. Educators can help provide the support they need.

Ensuring Safe, Welcoming, and Bias-free Schools
Resources for educators, students, and families to counter hateful rhetoric and foster positive dialogue.

Resources for Promoting Dialogue Post-Election 2016
NewseumED believes that furthering civic education has the power to improve our schools, communities and our democracy. The 2016 election that divided the nation can be an entry point in your conversation with students: Respect the institution, make room for diverse perspectives, arm yourself with tools to be informed, and make your voice heard. Check out their list of relevant post-election resources and lesson plans that you can use in the classroom. Resources are divided into three categories: media literacy, historical connections, and civics and citizenship.

Electing a Woman U.S. President
We've gathered lesson plans and classroom resources covering the history of women in politics, gender and politics, and topical resources about the 2016 presidential election. 

A Parent's Guide to Talking About the Presidential Election
No matter what your political beliefs, there's one thing parents can agree on: We'll be inundated with election coverage over the next few weeks. While even young children can get caught up in the excitement of a campaign, they may be confused about how it works. Here are some questions your kids may ask, along with ideas on how to phrase your response.

Lesson Plans

Background Resources:

Campaign Finance Reform:

  1. Campaign Finance Reform Historical Timeline  An annotated timeline from George Washington (1757) to Citizens United v. FEC (2012). ( PDF, 54 KB, 6 pgs.)
  2. A Brief History of Campaign Finance (and Why It Matters) A discussion of the Citizens United decision.
  3. Supreme Court Rips Up Campaign Finance Laws Audio and print on the Citizens United decision.
  4. How Citizens United changed politics, in 7 charts


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