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Bicycle and Pedestrian Lesson Plans

Found in: health & PE; math; science, social studies; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8

Bicycle and Pedestrian Lesson Plans are cross-curricular lessons that emphasize the benefits of walking and bicycling for students in grades K-8. The lessons are aligned with Colorado State Standards and can be downloaded separately or as a complete set.  ( PDF, 2.8 MB, 111 pgs.)

My Dad Rides a Bicycle ( PDF, 49.8 KB, 5 pgs.) Students in grades K-1 listen to a reading of Melissa Knight’s My Dad Rides a Bike in His Bedroom and then discuss the physical and social benefits of regular exercise.

Walking Treasure Hunt ( PDF, 18 KB, 1 pg.) Students in grades 1-3 become familiar with their neighborhood and community as they record things they see on a walk.

What Color Is My Air Today ( PDF, 26.6 KB, 4 pgs.) In this math and science lesson, students in grades 4-5 understand how breathing affects health: how air pollution, driving, and health are connected; and how colors and numbers can be used to represent air quality.

Recycled Materials as Art ( PDF, 19.8 KB, 2 pgs.) Students in grades 4-6 examine artwork created with discarded bicycle parts and create a work of art from reclaimed or recycled materials.

The Bicycle as a System ( PDF, 98.9 KB, 10 pgs.) Students in grades 6-8 explore the different systems of a bicycle, determine how they relate to each other, and identify the properties of each part or subsystem.

Pedestrian Safety Lesson Plans (K-2) and Bicycle Safety Lesson Plans (3-6) are two series of indoor and outdoor lessons that develop concepts and skills. The outdoor lessons apply skills learned in the indoor lessons.


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