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The Da Vinci Initiative Classroom Resources

Found in: arts; math; social studies; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

The Da Vinci Initiative Classroom Resources provides cross-curricular, skill-based lessons in four groups (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12) that meet National Arts Standards and integrate Common Core Standards (math) as well as other resources for K-12 art teachers and students. Teachers can subscribe to a mailing list to be informed when new scholarships and resources become available.

Introduction to Value demonstrates for K-2 students what values (gray tones between white and black) are and how they are used in artwork to create the appearance of three-dimensional forms. Students learn in five activities that grays are a mix of white and black, how to organize values from light to dark, and how to mix their own values. The Lesson ( PDF, 344 KB, 5 pgs.) is accompanied by a 26-slide presentation, A Silly Way To Look At Values. Value study activities continue at each level of the curriculum.

Composition Study with Chardin presents different geometric design strategies (radial, golden mean, Fibonacci) used by Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin in composing his still lifes. Students in grades 3-12 analyze and use the strategies to structure their own work. The PDF ( PDF, 832 KB, 20 pgs) provides rubrics, templates of geometric structures, and 11 high quality images.

Drawing With Envelopes: An envelope in drawing is a tool that allows artists to view the shapes of subjects abstractly. In this lesson, students in grades 6-8 explore what an envelope is, how to make a good envelope, and how to apply envelopes in observation drawings. The PDF ( PDF,6.5 MB, 9 pgs) offers a step-by-step approach, provides examples, and includes an assessment rubric.

Common Drawing Mistakes: A PowerPoint presentation and PDF ( PDF, 2.9 MB, 15 pgs.) illustrate for students in grades 9-12 three ways to avoid common drawing mistakes: think general to specific, use straight lines, and use follow-through lines..

How To Make A Light Box offers a PowerPoint that shows, step-by-step, how teachers and students can build a low-cost box to provide controlled lighting for drawing. A video, Low Budget $1 Light Box, demonstrates the use of the box and describes its advantages.


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