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Life Sciences Outreach Program

Found in: science; 9-12

Life Sciences Outreach Program at Harvard University provides teaching resources to support 9-12 biology teachers and students. The lessons were developed by high school biology teachers who participated in summer teacher workshops. The animations are the work of Dale Muzzey.

Teachers interested in participating in the professional development program for summer 2016 will find applications and information posted on the website in early spring. For educators who live in New England, the program offers professional development programs for teachers and hands-on laboratory experiences for students. See Welcome to LSO for more information.

Teacher Materials include lesson plans, activities, presentations, animations, and videos in biodiversity, evolution, immunology, microbiology, neurology, physiology, regenerative biology, and the biology of cancer. All lessons align with state and national science standards.

  • As an example, the Physiology section offers Human Genetics and Adaptation to Diet and Exercise, a group of resources with lesson description, PowerPoint presentation, teacher plan for a 4-5 day unit, and eight student activities in Word and PDF format. Activities include a fast food quiz, background readings and questions, food pyramid and exercise regimen planning exercise, and a survey and survey analysis.
  • NOTE: PBS has reorganized its resources, and the link to the video clip provided in the PowerPoint presentation is outdated. Instead, use this link: Marathon Mouse (12:29).
  • The physiology section also features three animations: blood sugar homeostasis, leg mechanics of playing basketball, and anatomy: organ systems to injuries. The Mechanics of Basketball looks at anatomy, angles, power, and timing while running, jumping, and walking in a game of basketball.

Under Resources the most useful resources for high school biology are BioVisions and Exploring the Human Biome.


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