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Visual Math Learning

Found in: preK-2; 3-5; 6-8;

Visual Math Learning is a free interactive multimedia tutorial to reinforce and supplement K-8 math. The website offers lessons, exercises, and games.

NOTE: The interactive sections work best with Google Chrome.

  • Lessons are grouped under two headings: Pre-Algebra: numbers and arithmetic and elementary algebra. Each lesson includes text with audio and visuals. Important vocabulary is highlighted in blue. Numbers and Arithmetic has 14 sub-categories. In Natural Numbers, students click through 19 panels to learn about the attributes of natural numbers. In Fraction Addition: Common Denominators, students are given a chance to practice finding common denominators at the end of the demonstration.
  • Practice Exercises cover skills from counting to long division. In Counting Beads, students create a string of numeric or alphabetic beads. Teachers or students can set parameters: number of beads, bead type (digit or upper/lower case letters), and “dodge beads,” which, like the familiar board game “Operation” demands dexterity as well as an understanding of counting and the alphabet to succeed. A reset button allows repeated attempts. In Factorgram, students can set the counter to numbers 2-99. Primes are identified immediately. Composite numbers must be expressed as products of primes. A diagram illustrates each step of the factorization.
  • Puzzles & Games also includes puzzles. Shapeology is similar to tangrams. A number of irregular quadrilaterals must be arranged to make a square. Students can choose how many pieces they want to work with. Manipulating pieces requires fine motor skills. Primary Colors is a puzzle that combines logic and color mixing (secondary colors are also involved) to succeed.


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