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Found in: arts; social studies; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8

he Metropolitan Museum of Art’s MetKids encourages students in grade 1-6 art and social studies to explore 5,000 years of art from around the world. Though the website serves as a companion for the museum, many of the resources can be used by anyone, anywhere.

  • Map Students can drag and zoom in on the map and click the red (objects) and yellow) museum locations) buttons to learn more about the artifacts and get ideas for making their own art. For example, clicking the Armor of George Clifford, Third Earl of Cumberland provides facts about the armor made for and worn by Queen Elizabeth’s Champion, a video that addresses the importance of design in arms and armor, and a downloadable Family Guide ( PDF, 20.6 MB, 6 pgs.) that is keyed to the museum and features full-color photos of arms and armor from Japan, India, and England.
  • Time Machine lets students travel in time period, geography, and theme. Choose time, place, or idea and learn how many artifacts are available for viewing, then push the red button to see them. Selecting Australia and Oceania reveals two objects: a slit gong and a Rebbilib, a Marshall Island navigational chart made with fiber. Click the image to learn more.
  • Videos can be filtered by selecting one of four categories (create, Q&A, made by kids, celebrate) or by browsing all. Xavier, age 11, asks a museum conservator How Does the Museum Take Care of All the Armor?
  • MetKids Blog is a news source and especially useful for students who live near the museum. However, many blog entries illustrate activity and project ideas.


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