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The Learning Scientists

found in: science; preK-12

The Learning Scientists promotes effective study and teaching strategies backed by research. It provides downloadable materials and other resources, videos, and blogs for parents, students, and teachers. Some resources require free registration.

Downloadable Materials   The 6 Strategies (spaced practice, retrieval practice, elaboration, interleaving, concrete examples, dual coding) are offered in poster form individually and as a package. They are available in color and black & white. Posters are also available in Spanish and nine other languages. In addition, teachers can access PowerPoint slides for teaching the strategies, sticker templates for rewards and reminders, strategy bookmarks, and the complete HOW2s and 150+ evidence-based teaching techniques (registration required).

Other Resources link to offsite resources and evidence-based education logs in the US, UK, and Australia. Included are a guide to the science of learning (10 pgs) and retrieval practice guide (11 pgs, registration required).

The Blog has eight categories and an archive. A recent post, The Case Against Inquiry-Based Learning questions the widespread belief that students learn more when they discover knowledge on their own, without being taught. The post lists resources with explanations or evidence against pure discovery, inquiry, or problem-based learning.

Interested in submitting a guest blog post? See the Guest Blog Instructions.

Videos feature an overview of all six learning strategies educational research has identified as the most effective and individual presentations.

FAQs answers questions about the 6 strategies for effective learning and others. Your question not answered? Submit it.


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