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Found in: preK-2; math; reading; science

PictureSTEM Project includes K-2 units that use engineering challenges and picture books. Within the context of each unit, students develop skills in science, mathematics, engineering, computational thinking, and reading. An unit overview describes the engineering design process, lists standards, and summarizes the lessons. Needed materials are listed. Printable manipulatives, reusable educator resources, student handouts, and resources are provided. Check school, local, or personal libraries for picture books.

In Kindergarten: Designing Paper Baskets, ( PDF, 12.9 MB, 89 pgs.), students explore patterns and investigate the strength of paper in 6 lessons before designing a paper basket to hold stones. (6 picture books)

In First Grade: Designing Hamster Habitats, ( PDF, 21.7 MB, 119 pgs.) students develop spatial reasoning and learn how habitat provides an animal’s basic needs before designing a prototype hamster habitat and exercise trail. (7 picture books)

In Second Grade: Designing Toy Box Organizers, ( PDF, 5.4 MB, 118 pgs.) students investigate standard units of measure and sort objects according to their physical properties before designing a toy box organizer. (6 picture books)


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