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For Educators: Think 360 Arts for Learning

found in: arts; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Based in Colorado, Think 360 Arts for Learning offers For Educators, a resource to help K-12 teachers integrate arts in the classroom.

Participants in the Institute for Creative Teaching created Lesson Plans  aligned with Colorado Academic Standards and/or Common Core Standards. For example, in Area and Perimeter Dream Home  ( PDF, 376 KB, 3 pgs.) students in grades 3-4 first draw and then create digital plans of a “Dream Home” using area and perimeter formulas. In Vietnam and Social Movements, ( PDF, 89.5 KB, 2 pgs.) students in grade 10 listen to protest songs of 60s, view video of the Vietnam war and peace demonstrations, and then write individually or in small groups their own song that captures the anti-war sentiment of the era. In Toys and Society,  ( PDF, 102 KB, 4 pgs.) students in grades 6-12 use reading and writing skills as they examine the role of toys and how they reflect society’s values. Links to four additional websites integrating the arts are provided.

Educator Resources  include studies and articles in arts education, local (Colorado) and national resource links, and “Tomorrow’s Jobs for Today’s Kids,” a webinar.

Think 360 Arts offers training and Professional Development in arts integration for classroom teachers, arts specialists, and administrators. Check the link for events.


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