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Teaching Civics

found in: social studies; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Teaching Civics provides links to civics, government and law-related resources to support civics and social studies lessons for K-12 students. Resources can be searched and filtered by grade (including ELL), topic, strategy, and Minnesota Social Studies Standard.

The video, How To Spot Fake News (3:22)  offers tips for students in grades K-12 for the smart consumption of news.

The American Presidency is a group of three lessons for grades 4-12 that cover campaigning, inauguration, what do presidents do?, life in the White House, and assassination and mourning. A teacher guide is included.

In The Separation of Powers Game students in grades 6-12 sort powers into the appropriate branches of government. The game ends with a visual showing which branch of government has the greatest number of constitutional powers.

Presidential Baseball  is a multiple choice quiz game for students in grades 6-12 for one or more players. Players try to match the careers of baseball personalities and presidents… Questions are divided into three levels of difficulty: slow curve, fastball, and sinker.

Who’s Gerry and Why Is He So Bad at Drawing Maps?  is a recently added podcast for grades 9-12. The WNYC podcast (21 minutes) examines gerrymandering, the manipulation of district lines to favor one party over another, and Gill v. Whitford, a case before the Supreme Court that might eliminate the practice. A supportive reading is cited, though no link is provided, for a mathematical look at gerrymandering: A Formula Goes To Court: Partisan Gerrymandering And The Efficiency Gap. ( PDF, 126 KB, 6 pgs.)

A video, Gerrymandering: Crash Course Government and Politics #37, (7:57) is also relevant for grades 6-12.


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