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Santa Barbara Museum of Art Lesson Plans

found in: arts; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Santa Barbara Museum offers Lesson Plans cross-curricular lesson plans for K-12 students. Some lessons include standards.

K-6 Lesson Plans has a K-2 lesson in abstract art called Making Shapes Dance ( PDF, 551 KB, 4 pgs.) in which students learn about warm and cool colors and how they affect mood and then create a work using line, shape, and color. In Claude Monet Science Experiment: Milk Fat Color Experiment,  ( PDF, 235 KB, 1 pg.) a lesson incorporating science, K-6 students work with the principles of polarity to achieve simple color mixing. A grade 3-12 lesson that includes mathematical ideas is Portrait Proportions: An Art & Math Discovery Lesson ( PDF, 667 KB, 7 pgs.). Students use mirrors to measure at their facial features or work with partner to measure theirs to discover facial proportions and the locations of key features.

7-12 Lesson Plans features An Eye for Art: The Biology of Vision,  ( PDF, 541 KB, 19 pgs.) a lesson for grade 6-12 students to learn about the science of vision that explains and illustrates terms like light, visible light, color, luminance, and central and peripheral vision. Standards are listed. In American Flag Redux, ( PDF, 861 KB, 10 pgs.) students in grades 6-12 redesign the American flag according to a personal philosophy that includes their role as citizen and a critical response to the state of the nation. And in Frontier Ethics and the Representation of the American Male Identity,  ( PDF, 1.7 MB, 40 pgs.) students in grades 11-12 compare art from the 19th and 20th centuries and an essay from the 1890s to evaluate consistency of message.


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