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Talk About Trees

found in: science; 3-5; 6-8

Talk About Trees is a unit with 9 lessons aligned with California content standards and resources for grade 4-6 students and teachers.

Lesson Plans 1-9 can be downloaded in packets or by part. Other materials are included. For example, students learn the parts of trees and their function Lesson 2: The Nature of Trees ( PDF, 226 KB, 3 pgs.). The lesson includes a vocabulary section and enrichment activities. Two worksheets are provided: Photosynthesis Flow Chart ( PDF, 54.2 KB, 2 pgs.) and The Wonderful Working of Wood ( PDF, 310 KB, 2 pgs). In the last lesson, students examine the carbon cycle and the part forests play in it in Lesson 9: Forest Carbon & Our Climate ( PDF, 285 KB, 3 pgs.). This lesson has four additional activity pages.

Forest Terms lists the terms for all 9 lessons and also provides separate printable lesson lists.

Standards ( PDF, 67.8 KB, 4 pgs.) cover grade 4-6 science, reading/language arts, math, and history/social studies.

Programs and Materials for Instructors links to related web resources.

This unit could be paired with a tree planting activity. Arbor Day is the last Friday in April. Because the best planting time can vary depending on location, some states observe Arbor Day on a different day. For $10, teachers and students can become members of the Arbor Day Foundation and order ten free trees to plant or elect to have ten trees planted in one of the nation’s forests.


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