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Project Audio: Teaching Students How to Produce Their Own Podcasts

found in: arts; language arts; 9-12

Project Audio: Teaching Students How to Produce Their Own Podcasts is a four-part unit for teachers to help student produce audio narratives. Each part features mini-lessons with activities and includes examples and resources.

As added motivation, The New York Times announced the Student Podcast Contest, in which students can submit original podcasts (no longer than five minutes) that are inspired by a prompt in Over 1,000 Writing Prompts for Students. our 1,000-plus writing prompts Writing prompts are grouped under technology, arts & entertainment, school & career, identity & family, social life & leisure time, science & health, and civics & history.

NOTE: The contest runs April 26 - May 25. Check the official contest announcement for details: Our First-Ever Student Podcast Contest

In Part I, students analyze the elements and techniques of podcasting and storytelling and practice telling a story.

In Part II, students analyze and practice effective interview techniques. This part has two mini-lessons: in the first, students listen to and take notes on interview podcast and in the second, they record an interview with a Smartphone.

In Part III, students learn how to edit audio and produce a practice one-minute podcast.

In Part IV, students choose a topic, create a plan, and produce an original podcast.

The unit ends with links to additional internet resources on listening skills and for teaching podcasting.


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