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The Physics Classroom

found in: science; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8 

The Physics Classroom  is intended for beginning physics students and their teachers. It offers a tutorial, interactives, concept builders, Shockwave studios, multimedia studios, and much more.

Physics Tutorial  houses 14 free online tutorials that are also available for 99 cents as iBooks or for the iPad. For instance, Newton’s Laws  covers his three laws of motion in 4 lessons. Lessons include diagrams, interactives, animations and activities to try at home.

Physics Interactives  supports the tutorials with simulations, skill building exercises, and games in which students use a physics concept to meet a challenge. Eight interactives explore Newton’s laws of motion. One of these, Rocket Sledder  demonstrates the effects of friction, air resistance, and applied force on a sledder. Students can adjust friction, air drag, mass of the sledder, and the size of the parachute attached to it. The interactive can be opened in full-screen mode

Concept Builders  contains 70 concept builders grouped under 13 topics. The list of topics will be increased. Static Electricity  has 5 activities. Coulombs Law  lets students predict the effect of charge and distance on the electrical force with which two charged objects attract or repel each other in three leveled activities.

Shockwave Studios features 22 simulations that let students manipulate variables and observe the changes. Riverboat Simulator  lets students investigate the motion of a boat across a river against a current. An Activity Sheet  is included. The activity links to information on relative velocity principles and riverboat problems.

Multimedia Studios  is a library of animations visualizing concepts in physics. Relativistic Length Contraction  illustrates that according to Einstein's theory of special relativity, the length of objects moving at relativistic speeds undergoes a contraction along the dimension of motion.


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