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With Feeling Curriculum: Emotional Literacy Through the Arts

found in: arts; language arts & literature; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8

With Feeling Curriculum: Emotional Literacy Through the Arts  provides ways for K-8 teachers to use the arts to teach and develop their students’ social and emotional skills. Each of the four units for K-4 and 5-8 has five lessons. Each lesson lists National Arts Standards. In addition, there are supplemental materials for K-4 and K-5. Note: This website works best when using Chrome.

Unit One for K-4 is Who Am I? and its first lesson is Thought Journals ( PDF, 160 KB, 2 pgs.). Using blank notebooks, students create unique thought journals with collages that reflect their unique personalities. The lesson includes suggestions for adapting for K-1 students.

K-4 supplemental materials include instructions in binding methods, calligraphy, papier-mâché recipe, emotion cards, comic template, games, glossary, and more.

Unit Four for 5-8 is How Can We Work Through Conflict?  In Watercolor Landscape  ( PDF, 123 KB, 4pgs.), students understand four kinds of conflict (within and between people and within and between groups) and work in groups of four, students share watercolor pencils to create landscapes.

K-5 supplemental materials include a glossary, team building games, think sheet, and video demonstrations for activities: book binding, shadow puppets, sculpture, life maps, and more.


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