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WatershED Matters

found in: language artsmathsciencesocial studies; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

WatershED Matters lets K-12 language arts, math, science, and social studies students explore watershed and water quality issues in the Lake Champlain Basin, the US, and the world. Some of the units and lessons are designed for specific localities, but they can be easily adjusted for others. Three-part units (pdfs) are organized by grade level and the unit overviews list Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.


What Is A River And What Is Its Connection To Us? ( PDF, 209 KB, 2 pp) Elementary students investigate how people use rivers and make personal connections to their environment and its rivers and streams through research. Two culminating activities are suggested. Examples of student work are provided.


How Does Our Community Affect The Waterways ( PDF, 603 KB, 3 pp) Middle School students discover how their communities affect waterways. They examine pictures, images, maps, texts, and use tools like Google Earth to discover and identify local waterways. Includes ELA and math standards.


What Invasive Species Are Affecting Our Local Watershed? ( PDF, 262 KB, 3pp) High School students research and explore organisms in their local watershed and use databases, online research, and identification guides to investigate any invasive species that threaten it.


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