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Apollo 11

found in: science, social studies; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Twelve years after the Soviets launched Sputnik 1, a beach ball sized sphere, into Earth orbit, NASA landed three astronauts on the Moon’s surface. This July 16th marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo mission. The movie, Apollo 11 (93 minutes) will be released on March 8th and features 70 mm film never seen before. And in classrooms, these lessons and resources will help celebrate one of 20th century’s greatest scientific and technological achievements.


Aerospace Micro-Lessons  (K-12) a collection of 81 lessons in aerospace history, mathematics and engineering, each with adaptations for K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

Moon Walk  (3-5) Students learn about Moon's surface features, human exploration, and how engineers develop technologies to study and explore the Moon.

Earth Moon Activity  (4-8) With balls or balloons to represent Earth and the Moon, pairs of students use the diameter of the designated Earth to establish the distance between them.

Exploring The Moon  Teacher's Guide with three units and 17 activities. (8 MB, 158 pp) (5-12) In one activity, Apollo Landing Sites, students learn about the locations and geology of the six landing sites.

In 1969, The First Human Walked On The Moon (9-12) Students compare the words spoken by Neil Armstrong as he stepped on the surface of the moon with what NASA had planned for him to say and analyze the difference.

NASA Instructional Units and Lesson Plans A collection of more than 50 downloadable teacher resource packets.

Background Resources and Interactives:

Moon Landing 50th Anniversary - Apollo 11  Provides websites, online resources, hands-on activities, online workshops for educators, anniversary logos, photos, posters, and a lot more.

Apollo 11  This section of NASA’s complete Apollo mission’s resource features Apollo 11 audio and HD video highlights.

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific’s The Moon: A Resource Guide  lists selected websites, books, and articles. Two especially useful websites are the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal  with flight journals for each mission and the PBS companion website for To The Moon that has 360 panoramas from the Moon’s surface, Lunar puzzlers, interviews, and more.

We Choose The Moon  an interactive that recreates Apollo 11’s mission to the Moon and back. At each stage of the voyage, sections of the rocket are tagged. Click the tags for photos, video, and information. Mission status and communications are included. A mission tracker shows Apollo position in relation to Earth and Moon.

Experience The Apollo 11 Lunar Landing  A far cry from Sci-fi. Second by second visual and audio communication during Eagle’s landing at Tranquility Base: video in the center top, Lunar Module Pitch Angle in the center bottom, Air-to-Ground communication in the left audio channel, Flight Director (Houston) in the right audio channel. This would work well on a big screen with separate speakers or on a computer with headphones

Apollo 11 Command Module  Take a guided tour of Columbia’s crew compartment with this Smithsonian 3-D model. Click full screen and toggle controls and information.

Apollo 11 Commemorating The First Human Steps On The Moon  View objects, video and photos, and 11 iconic images. Vote for your favorite.

Apollo 11 Mission  Provides an overview of the mission.

Apollo 11’s Journey To The Moon, Annotated  (5:13) A good video overview of the rocket and mission.

The Oral History of Apollo 11  Firsthand accounts of Apollo 11.

3D Moon Globe  locates the Apollo and Soviet Luna sites on the surface individually.

Google Moon This resource shows the locations of all Apollo missions at once and with its zoom feature reveals the locations of mission activities and experiments, for Apollo 11 this is an additional 17 sites.

Moon  and interactive 3D globe with a link to a Crash Course Astronomy video describing possible origins of the Moon as well as its appearance and composition.


Chasing the Moon  Premiers July 8th on America Experience (360 minutes). Trailer (3:40)

Apollo 11 (93 minutes) Released to theaters on March 8th, 2019.

Apollo 13 (240 minutes) Check your local library for a copy of a disaster turned triumph.

First Man On The Moon NOVA (55:22) Or check your library for this biography of Neil Armstrong.

The Last Man On The Moon  (1:36:04) A biography of Eugene Cernan, Commanderof Apollo 17. Check your local library.

Back To The Moon  Premiers July 10th on NOVA.

Rise Of The Rockets  (53:41) NOVA Speculates about the future of NASA and commercial applications.

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