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found in: science; 6-8

OpenSciEd provides research-based science units with sequenced lessons for grades 6-8 aligned with NGSS. Units can be downloaded as PDFs or added to a Google Drive folder. Each unit includes teacher and student editions and additional resources. Note: The PDFs and Zip files are large. To access units, teachers must complete a free registration.

OpenSciEd units require hands-on learning. Necessary materials can be purchased as Science Kits  or assembled using Kit Material Lists.

Note: the entire program will be completed in Winter 2022, and one unit per grade level will be released every six months starting in August 2019. At present, each grade level has one unit available with new units to be released in the winter of 2020.

Grade 6: Thermal Energy: Unit Overview Students explore how containers keep liquids from warming up or cooling down in 18 lessons.

Teacher Edition  ( PDF, 66.7 MB, 322 pgs.) The unit begins by having students compare heat loss in a standard drink cup and in a plastic cup sold in a store. A culminating activity has students design a drink container that performs as well as the store-bought container by following a set of criteria and constraints.

Student Edition  ( PDF, 18.3 MB, 86 pgs.)

Additional Unit Resources Materials  (Zipfile 63.2 MB)

Grade 7: Metabolic Reactions: Unit Overview Students investigate data from a real case: doctor’s notes, endoscopy images and reports, growth charts, and micrographs and perform laboratory experiments on the chemical changes during the digestion of food and from digital interactives to explore how food is transported, transformed, stored, and used in the body.

Grade 8: Sound Waves: Unit Overview Students explore how sounds are produced, how they travel through media, and how they affect objects at a distance.



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