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found in: language arts; math; science; social studies; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

CPALMS is a source of K-12 lesson plans in all subjects aligned with Florida Standards. Grade levels K-8 each have educator toolkits, as do grades 9-12. Toolkits may provide standards, student resources, instructional resources, tutorials, and activities. Lessons can be printed or exported to Word or PDF. Lessons have a sidebar with links to resources related to the same standards.

Huff and Puff: A Lesson Focused on the Force of the Wind  (Grade 2) In this science lesson, students work in small groups to design and build model houses and test how they withstand different forces of wind. Attachments include a data collection sheet and vocabulary. The lesson links to video.

"Figuring Out" 2D Figures - Part 1  (Grade 5) In this mathematics tutorial, students examine 2-D figures and identify defining attributes of categories of triangles, quadrilaterals, and polygons. The audiovisual tutorial includes periodic practice sessions to check understanding. The tutorial ends with a review. When complete a student is awarded a certificate. This is part one of four tutorials on polygons. Parts 2-4 use Venn diagrams to classify

Investigating Essential and Nonessential Elements: Part One  (Grade 8) In this English language arts tutorial, students learn how to use commas with appositives when they provide nonessential information in a sentence. The tutorial opens with a review of commas. Four periodic practice sessions and a final session check understanding.

20 Questions for Reading and Evaluating Objects  links to a resource on (Grades 9-12) In this lesson, students are introduced to a tool for analyzing historical objects. Washington-related objects are provided for analysis.



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