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found in: math; science; preK-2; 3-5

SuperSTAAR is Baylor College of Medicine’s collection of K-5 STEM lessons and resources aligned with TEKS. Lessons link to supporting lessons, extensions, assessment ideas, literature connections, related TEKs, and additional resources. Keyword search or browse under grade level and subject.

Animals  Students (K) sort animals according to physical characteristics such as color, size, and body covering.

Magnets Push or Pull Objects  In two activities, students (1) discover that some materials are attracted to magnets and some not, and they measure a magnet’s strength and graph how it changes with distance.

Collect Data  Students (2) collect data from observations using hand lenses, primary balances, thermometers, and non-standard measurement tools.

Identifying and Comparing Landforms Students (3) identify, compare, and sculpt with clay different landforms.

Forms of Energy  Students (4) differentiate forms of energy, including mechanical, sound, electrical, light, and heat/thermal.

Learned Behaviors Students (5) distinguish innate and learned behaviors and how they help an organism to survive.

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