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Experiment: Museum of Science and Industry Chicago

found in: science; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8

Experiment: Museum of Science and Industry Chicago provides free teacher courses for professional development, field trip and out-of-school time programs for those who live nearby, and classroom resources.

Hands-On Science provides 20 experiments. Standards are not listed. Three Colors of Light Using glow-stick solutions and pipettes, students mix the three primary colors of light: red, green and blue to crate new colors. In another, Strawberry DNA,  students use water, salt, shampoo, and isopropyl alcohol to extract and precipitate DNA from a strawberry. This activity can be extended by extracting the DNA of other fruit.

Games is a collection of four online experiences that lets students tour a heart, follow changes in a mother’s body as pregnancy advances, create virtual chemical reactions, and build simple machines. Simple Machines: In this engaging activity, students help Twitch, a tiny robot, assemble a larger robot with parts scattered around the museum by using simple machines. In the process, students experiment with simple machine parameters and learn about their mechanical advantages and variations.

Videos Two brief videos examine moving the U-505, a captured German submarine, to a new enclosed exhibit space and hatching chicks. The Hatchery The Hatchery (1:36) is a time-lapse video that demonstrates how hard it is for chicks to emerge from their shells.


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