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found in: arts; math 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Crunchzilla  provides four interactive coding tutorials for students in grades 3-12. Tutorial guides lead students through a progression of coding changes. Each change provides immediate feedback and visible results. Each tutorial includes instructions in how to play, a menu to access lesson sections, and FAQs specific to each activity. Students can retrace previous steps or reset tutorials to start over. Lesson progress is saved, so students can stop and return later provided they use the same browser and computer.

Code Monster  is an introductory tutorial on Javascript code aimed at young students (grades 3-8) as well as older students and adults without previous coding experience. Code Monster has 59 sections covering changing the dimensions of quadrilaterals to animation. Periodic quizzes challenge skills.

Code Maven  is for teens and adults (6-12+). Students begin working with simple boxes and colors and quickly move on to simple animation and fractals in 59 lessons. Important programming concepts like variables, loops, conditionals, expressions, and functions are introduced.

Game Maven  is the most difficult tutorial and teaches programming by helping students (grade 10+) code a few games in Javascript. Quizzes help students gauge progress. Completing Code Maven is recommended before attempting Game Maven unless a student has a lot of past programming experience.

Data Maven Data Maven from Crunchzilla is more game than strict tutorial. Students answer questions and solve problems to learn about data and statistics in the course of 32 lessons. Again, there are periodic quizzes.



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