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Iditarod Resources for Grades K-5

Follow the 2020 Race with These Lessons and Activities

Found Inlanguage arts, health & p.e., math, science, social studies, preK-2, 3-5

Setting out on the first Saturday in March, teams of 12 to 16 dogs and their mushers will cover more than 1150 miles from Anchorage to Nome in 10 to 17 days. Follow the trek with these lessons and activities.

Lesson Plans

The Iditarod: The Last Great Race (PDF icon PDF, 468 KB, 3 pgs)
Kindergarten students learn about the Iditarod, mushers, sled dogs, and the challenges of the race.

Go Idita-Walking and Get Healthy! (PDF icon PDF, 1.24 MB, 29 pgs)
Students in grades K-12 participate in a walking program using the Iditarod as the theme and inspiration.

Iditarod Activities For the Classroom Book II (PDF icon PDF, 10 MB, 147 pgs.)
K-12 lessons in math, science, language arts, social studies, and other areas of study.

Iditarod Activity Book III (PDF icon PDF, 3.8 MB, 151 pgs.)
K-12 lessons in all content areas, applicable to most grade levels.

Iditarod-Ready... Storm Ready (PDF icon PDF, 1.5 MB, 72 pgs.)
K-12 weather related science and math activities A World of Weather, a PowerPoint game about weather.

Iditarod Scavenger Hunt
Students in grades 5-8 use the Iditarod website as a research tool to find a two-page Wrod document.

Women of the Iditarod (and more): A Journey through the Data (PDF icon PDF, 109 KB, 9 pgs)
Students in grades 5-12 find relevant data and calculate percentages, graph and analyze it for a particular audience.

Background Resources

Iditarod Educational Packet for Teachers Edition (PDF icon PDF, 967 KB, 29 pgs.)
Facts, vocabulary, and historical information about the Iditarod and dog mushing.

  • Iditarod edu!
    Teaching resources, videos, and a student section with games, puzzles, coloring pages, quizzes, and more.

The Official Site of the Iditarod
The source of everything Iditarod, including the current temperature in Anchorage.

Teacher on the Trail
A source of lessons and ideas for teachers.

The Amazing Race: How Do Sled Dogs Endure Alaska’s Grueling Iditarod? (PDF icon PDF, 600 KB, 2 pgs.)
Examines the science of the sled dog’s ability to endure the Iditarod.

Sled Dog Action Coalition: Iditarod Information
Generally critical of the race. This organization is concerned for the welfare of the dogs.

Sled Dogs: An Alaskan Epic
Images and information about the race and the dogs. Lists useful nonfiction books.

Activities & Quizzes

Sled Dogs: An Alaskan Epic
Interactive: Dogsledding 101. Provides information about the dogs and equipment.


  • Students Puzzles, games, coloring pages, quizzes, and more.
  • Iditarod game
    Use a map of the Iditarod trail and these games cards to simulate a race.



  • Iditarod: Toughest Race on Earth (256 minutes) Nonfiction. In Four Parts.   
  • Balto (78 minutes) Fiction
    Even though Leonhard Seppala’s lead dog Togo is arguably the true hero of the serum run, this movie is entertaining.
  • Iron Will (108 minutes) Fiction
    A boy and his dogs on a 522-mile sled-dog marathon.

last updated: January 23, 2020


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