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Agriculture in the Classroom

Found In: language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Agriculture in the Classroom supports state programs for PreK-12 teachers and their students to improve agricultural literacy.

Teacher Center contains information and resources. Clicking Lesson Plans reveals 194 cross-curricular resources listed by title with description and intended grade levels. A representative lesson plan for grades 2-4 is Apple Story. After listening to or reading Gail Gibbons’ book, Apples, students sequence events in the life cycle of an apple. All lessons are correlated to the lesson’s state of origin’s standards. This lesson is from Virginia. Ag-Knowledge has sections of quizzes for teachers and students. The teacher quizzes are for grades K-2, 3-5, and mixed grades. Answers are provided. Student quizzes are listed under beginning, intermediate, and advanced. State Agricultural Facts provides climate & soil, crops & livestock, and general information for each state. PDFs for each state or all 50 can be downloaded.

State Programs lets teachers go directly to their own state’s organization website to select lesson and resources keyed to standards and to find other opportunities. For instance, New York offers the High Tunnels Program, a three-year grant funded program using unheated greenhouse structures covered by a single layer of clear polyethylene plastic.

Student Center has a Kids’ Zone and a Teen Scene. The Kids’ Zone provides access to virtual tours, science projects, farm & fun food, as well as links to State Ag Facts and Ag-Knowledge. The Teen Scene features an e-zine, science fair ideas, career information, games, and issues, facts, and opinions of other teens.



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