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Asia for Educators


This site from Columbia University is a collection of lesson resources from many sites on China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam. Here is a sampling of the materials:

  • Online Museum Resources on Asian Art - These resources are searchable by art subject, time period, and country/region.
  • East Asia in Geographic Perspective - These lesson plans on China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam are by standards.
  • China: Music - These audio slide shows offer traditional music from China. From ArtsEdge.
  • Japan: Noh theater (Grades 9-12) - This video (2: 30 min) and resources for the lesson introduce students to the history, theatrical elements, music, dance and costuming of Noh plays. From ArtsEdge.
  • Japan: Woodblock Prints (Grades 9-12) - Background and lesson plan as well as demonstrations of Japanese arts. From ArtsEdge.
  • Japan's Secret Garden (Grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12) - This site provides background on  raising rice, including photos, time-lapse videos, slide illustration of Build a Rice Paddy. From PBS.