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Autumn-Themed Classroom Resources, Grades 6-8

Explore Autumn with Lessons, Activities, Poetry and Song

Found In: language arts, science6-8

Lesson Plans

The Reasons for the Seasons
In this unit, students in grades 6-8 examine the relationship between the earth and the sun.

Chromatography of Plant Pigments
( PDF, 75.1 KB, 4 pgs.) Students in grades 6-12 extract pigments from chlorophyll using paper chromatography.


Bird Migration Game
Answer questions about migratory birds and help a Wood Thrush get closer to her favorite forest where she'll be able to find a mate, build a nest, and lay her eggs.

Background Resources


Fall Word Search
Deciduous Trees Word Search Puzzle

Coloring Pages



Fall Printables for KidsConnect the dots, word scrambles, mazes, coloring pages, and boggles pages.



Audio & Video

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