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Autumn-Themed Classroom Resources, Grades K-5

Explore Autumn with Lessons, Activities, Poetry and Song

Found In: language arts, science, preK-2, 3-5

Lesson Plans

A Look at Life Cycles
Students in grades K-2 collaborate to create a four-season display that illustrates the life cycle of an apple tree.

Arctic Terns from North to South
Students in grades K-2 map the Arctic Tern’s migration route and consider why it migrates so far.

The Sun and the Earth
Students in grades 3-5 learn the relationship between the Earth and the sun and how this relationship affects observable phenomena on Earth, such as the seasons.

Seasonal Haiku: Writing Poems to Celebrate Any Season
Students in grades 3-5 write and illustrate haiku depicting seasonal images.


Bird Migration Game
Answer questions about migratory birds and help a Wood Thrush get closer to her favorite forest where she'll be able to find a mate, build a nest, and lay her eggs.

Background Resources


Fall Word Search
Deciduous Trees Word Search Puzzle

Coloring Pages

Clip Art

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