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Kids & Skin Safety


Found In: health & phys. ed.preK-2, 3-5


Sammy the Skin Cell is the host of, where kids can find interactive, fun, and memorable ways to learn about their skin.  Here are some of the fun features you'll find: 

  • "Gigi the Giraffe" helps kids learn about skin safety. Download fun activities and fact sheets to help children understand the importance of staying safe in the sun 
  • "It's a Skin Cell's Life" game, where kids can play as a Sammy or Suzy the Skin Cell avatar and earn points as they search for words, catch bugs, zap ultraviolet rays and show what they know about skin.
  • Information on skin, hair and nails - everything from safety tips for manicures to the dangers of tattoos and piercings to treatments for eczema.
  • Easy-to-understand answers to common questions.
  • A SkinDictionary with audio pronunciations.
  • Quick facts.
  • Activities parents can do with their kids.

— Submitted by Sara B, NEA discussion board


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