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Math Awareness Month, Grades 9-12

2015 Theme: Math Drives Careers

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Curriculum resources, including lesson plans, background reading, printables and video, for grades 9-12 address the 2015 Math Awareness Month theme: Math Drives Careers.

According to the Department of Labor, more than half of jobs created in the future will need a background in math, science, and technology. The 2015 theme’s goal is to make students aware of careers open to those who study mathematics.

Lesson Plans & Activities

Lesson Plans

In How the Rubber Meets the Road teams of students in grades 3-12 learn how engineers design tire treads to increase safety and reliability in heavy rain by making, testing, and evaluating treads of clay.

In 10,000 Steps ( PDF, 482 KB, 15 pgs.) students in grades 9-12 determine whether there is a significant difference between the number of steps recorded by a Dollar Store pedometer and a pedometer App. Common Core and NCTM are listed.

In Concepts In Business Mathematics: Economics And Finance students in grades 9-12 solve problems of proportions using the Rule of Three and the Inverse Rule of Three and calculate problems of limiting value using the formula S = Pen as it pertains to annual percentage rate.

Teach Engineering (lesson collection) has K-12 lesson and activities in algebra, data analysis and probability, geometry, measurement, and number and operations.


Math Puzzles, Problems, and Games is an annotated list of mathematics activities.

Real People Using Math To Drive Their Careers highlights 17 women and men who use math in business, industry, and government. Biographies (PDFs) include early influences, career path, career expectations, advice, and salary information.

Mathematics Awareness Month Website has a theme essay, profiles, theme poster, and any other useful related resources. describes the importance of mathematics and career opportunities available to math students.

Why Do Math features eight multimedia presentations demonstrating the role of mathematics in the America’s Cup, cochlear implants, Google PageRank, neuroscience, space travel, tomography, voting, and image compression. More are being developed.

This Is Statistics is describes the varied careers available to statisticians.

K-12 Outreach (MIT) lists STEM programs and initiatives for K-12 students, such as the annotated list of Math Resources at MIT Blossoms, including the blog How Is Algebra Really Used, which features the complete online text of Algebra Real-World  ( PDF, 1.2 MB, 106 pgs.).

K-12: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has a section for students matching subject interest and careers and a section for teachers with classroom activities as well as games and quizzes.


Official 2015 Mathematics Awareness Month Theme Poster

Posters Three LARGE (one is 177 MB) PDF posters.

AMS Mathematical Moments a series of posters highlighting the role mathematics plays in science, nature, technology, and human culture.

Math Matters, Apply It! offers 31 different PDFs available for download. Six are available in Spanish.

Math Works offers a collection of brochures and facts sheets (PDFs) that demonstrate how math is used in aerospace, civil engineering, construction, health care, information technology, manufacturing, and semiconductors.


Downloadable AV Content For Your Classroom includes a video presentation (6:45) on math careers.

K-12 Statistics Education Webinars
Free, recorded web-based seminars on aspects of K-12 statistics education.


Math Reading That You Would Enjoy a bibliography of logic, problems, probability, puzzles, areas of math, and more.

last updated: March 18, 2015 


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