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National Geography Awareness Week, Grades 9-12

Lessons, Resources, and Activities Explore the 2015 Theme: Explore! The Power of Maps

Found In: social studies, 9-12

Lesson Plans & Activities

Lesson Plans

Diversity In New York Place Names Students in grades 9-12 investigate the origins of place names in New York and map the place names to analyze patterns.

Sprawl: The National and Local Situation
Students in grades 9-12 investigate how sprawl impacts the environment, people's daily lives, and the local and regional economy.

A Look at the Population Density of the United States
Students in grades 9-12 create maps showing the population density of the U.S. at different scales.


GeoGames Students use graphics and sound effects on an animated 3D globe to Build Planet Earth and Map Countries and Cities. The page links to hundreds of more activities.

Mission: Explore
Pick your mission, complete the challenge, collect points and unlock rewards. Houses 432 cross-curricular missions. Requires free registration.

The Fifty States
Click the map to learn about each state.

Activities, games, coloring pages, projects, and stories that teach younger children about animals, climate change, bee population declines, wild birds, and more.

Background Resources

Geography Awareness Week
Resources about geography as a discipline and tips and tools to plan for GeoWeek.

Exploring Maps Teacher Packet
An interdisciplinary set of materials on mapping for grades 7-12. Students learn basic mapmaking and map-reading skills.

USGS GeoData Booklet (PDF icon PDF, 778 KB, 12 pgs.)
Describes and shows samples of digital data available from USGS.

The National Map Viewer
Zoom in and print a high-resolution map of a local area, a state, or the United States. This is an excellent tool for practicing the use of latitude/longitude, the national grid, elevation, distance, and more. No special software or download is required. Maps can be printed on 8.5" x 11" paper.

Urban Growth in American Cities Booklet
Illustrates and explains the spatial history of urban growth and corresponding changes in land use.


GeoNet Game: Quizzes
Chose a map of the United States or of the world, and then choose a region to be quizzed in six categories. Two levels of difficulty.

Today’s GeoBee Quiz
Ten new questions each day. Two levels of difficulty.

Test your Geography Knowledge
World geography quizzes.


Geography Awareness Week Archive
Contains archived resources created for National Geographic’s annual Geography Awareness Week celebration.

Maps: Blank Outline and Tests


last updated: October 19, 2015


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