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Promoting Physical Fitness, Grades 9-12

Classroom Resources that Reinforce the Benefits of Physical Fitness

Found in: Health & Phys. Ed., 9-12

Get active, stay fit and have fun doing it with sports, games, and activities described in the following lesson plans and resources.

Lesson Plans

Orienteering Scavenger Hunt
Students in grades 6-12 use a compass to reach multiple checkpoints.

Discovery Pacing
Students in grades 6-12 work with a partner to discover strategies for pacing themselves when running longer distances.

Ultimate Sponge Ball
Students in grades 7-12 play in teams of 4-8 to move a sponge ball to the opposing side’s goal.

Lesson Plan Collections

PE Central: Lesson Plans for Physical Education Teachers
A collection of more than 2000 K-12 health and physical education lessons and assessment ideas.

Games Kids Play
This site gives instructions for hundreds of outdoor activities. Included are traditional games and jump rope.

Cooperative Games: The Ultimate Camp Resource
72 games that encourage teamwork and active participation from everyone.

Background Resources

Modern Sports History including Culture the Beginnings and Major Events

Sports History
Field and Court Dimensions, History, Rules and How To Information for a variety of sports.

History of Sports: A Quick History of Sports
Hockey, football, basketball, tennis. the Olympics, and ancient sports. Stickball, handball, spaldeens, and more!
Documents city games. Includes galleries of photographs.


Today in Sport
Events, birthdays and deaths in sport for every day in history from a wide variety of sports.

Sports Coaching Skills
Videos and animations demonstrate 1,000s of coaching drills. Free membership and registration for individual sports.


Find these materials online:

Cross-Curricular Connections with Sports
Books connecting sports to other disciplines for students in grades 2-12.

Find these reading materials at your school or local library:

  • Children's Games in Street and Playground: Chasing, Catching, Seeking, Hunting, Racing, Dueling, Exerting, Daring, Guessing, Acting, and Pretending
    By Iona and Peter Opie
    Floris Books (January 2009)
  • Children's Games with Things: Marbles, Fivestones, Throwing and Catching, Gambling, Hopscotch, Chucking and Pitching, Ball-Bouncing, Skipping, Tops and Tipcat
    By Iona and Peter Opie
    Oxford University Press, USA (April 23, 1998)
  • The Lore of the Playground: One Hundred Years of Children's Games, Rhymes and Traditions
    By Steve Roud
    Random House UK (November 1, 2010)
  • The New Games
    By New Games Foundation
    Main Street Books (September 8, 1976)
  • More New Games
    By New games Foundation
    Main Street Books (September 9, 1981)
  • Best New Games
    By Dale Lefevre
    Human Kinetics; 1 edition (November 5, 2001)
  • Kick the Can, and over 800 Other Active Games and Sports for All Ages
    By Darwin Hindman
    Pearson Prentice Hall (March 1978)


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