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The Roof is Growing!

Found in: Free Resources for Educators

Free Materials Teach Kids About Green Roofs

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) has announced the availability of The Roof is Growing!—an educational resource for middle school students and teachers about green roofs and their environmental benefits.

This free resource includes a lesson plan, workbook, and online interactive program designed to engage students in learning how green roofs cool cities, clean the air, create habitats, and control stormwater.

A green roof replaces traditional roofing with a living environment of plants and soil. Among many benefits, green roofs reduce the amount of water that flows into sewer systems. The plants store excess carbon from the atmosphere and lower radiant heat in the summer. Additionally, green roofs provide extra insulation to buildings and last two or three times longer than traditional roofs.

To learn more, visit The American Society of Landscape Architects.