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Student Teacher Training

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Having a student teacher is a great learning experience. Here are some hints to help make that experience great.

1. Make sure that you communicate your expectations for classroom management (rules, attendance, parent contacts, etc.) and for student learning expectations before classes begin.

2. Have a clear focus for student learning and a goal or an assessment you will use that will focus lesson plans.

3. Create, use and tweak lesson plans together; always debrief the day's lessons, reflecting on what worked and what didn't.

4. Welcome your student teacher to your shared class, and communicate professionally with his university supervisor.

5. Model what a good teacher does, let him/her practice with guidance, and then turn the student teacher loose.

Your student teacher is probably more nervous than you are, but with communication, flexibility, and a clear focus on student learning, I predict this will be one of the most meaningful experiences of you and your student teacher's professional lives.


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